Introducing Blockchain Investments Token (BIT) — An emerging project that brings smart investing to everyone.

Introducing Blockchain Investments Token (BIT) — An emerging project that brings smart investing to everyone.

Investing has become increasingly popular among retail investors over the past decade, which brought a lot more attention to it. With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry, there has been a particular surge in user-friendly ways to invest and earn money, perks, and other benefits that new projects have to offer.

However, it is now time to leap to the next generation of crypto investing, popularly known as smart investing, which is what Blockchain Investments Token (BIT) is all about.

What is BIT?

These tokens offer two primary goals. Firstly, it offers benefits for the BIT holders by partnering with various networks and platforms, offering access to its discounts, perks, and features. On top of this the BIT platform offers staking, which results in earning staking rewards over time. The BIT network offers negligible trading fees. The fees are sufficient to support the network and are extremely low because of the network’s efficiency, yet inherit the decentralized features by using the Ethereum protocol.

Some of the already existing collaborations include Blockchain Investments’ advanced crypto wealth management services, Cryptotrader, which offers 10,000 algorithms stored in our XChained database. XChained is an EU-based crypto exchange that provides the liquidity of Binance. Last but not least, users get access to Noded — a fully insured DeFi app that offers easy and unified access to all the largest DeFi apps.

This has been something that many projects in the crypto industry have been trying to achieve, often simply by providing direct access to various goods and services and cutting out the middlemen that became a norm in traditional industries.

In short, BIT offers streamlined and easy-to-use access to smart investing tools: Wealth management, Cryptotrader, XChained and Noded.

The second goal is where it gets really interesting, as it is quite unique, and as of yet BIT is the first, and currently the only one, in the crypto industry to offer it. It enables users to create, purchase, or sell, the world’s first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading bot, tapping into a pool with 120,000 registered users on our newly acquired Cryptotrader platform.

Algorithmic NFT Bots

The Bots can be obtained rather easily — they can simply be purchased on the Cryptotrader platform. The platform has been around for over 8 years already, which was enough time for it to store over ten thousand algorithms within its database, and attract over 120,000 registered users, as mentioned. The platform flaunts over 5 million backtests, ran since its inception.

Now, the NFT Bots will combine the thoroughly tested code of algorithms, alongside their creator’s expertise, and the unique features of the NFT market. Every trading bot’s ownership, transaction and properties will be recorded in a transparent and immutable ledger. This will lead to a number of benefits, including access to unique premium bots (alongside backtesting results), the independence of developers after the bots’ purchase, and the ability to use the algorithms even if lacking in-depth knowledge.

Meanwhile, users will also be able to reduce the risks such as seeing their bots malfunction due to some future upgrade and enjoy high potential value, depending on their portfolio.

Giving back with bots

In times of growing inequality in society, we are also proud to have an additional goal, which is to create incentives for token holders to support charities. Blockchain technology has been supporting charities for years, and there are many that are now quite open to the idea of accepting crypto. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were multiple unfortunate events and natural disasters that affected the quality of life for many. The crypto industry has been trying to help by allowing instant, cheap donations, and those efforts intensified with the unfortunate events brought upon us by the COVID pandemic.

In pursuit of these goals, there are certain aligned incentives for token holders that include:

  • 1% of every transaction of the network gets divided among BIT holders
  • NFT rewards to be given to the top 25 largest wallet holders after the public launch
  • 2.5% of all transaction value will be used for marketing and operations
  • Additional rewards will be given to holders, with 2% of the profit made by premium NFT bots
  • A buy-back treasury system will ensure scarcity
  • An active referral program will keep the investor base strong and ever-growing
  • Support for charities

Now, BIT wants to step up those efforts even further by adding support for charities based on trade volume. Charities were even included as part of the project’s tokenomics, with 5 million BIT being allocated for charity purposes. The project aims to make monthly charity donations, although in fiat, based on the monthly volume of BIT. As for which charities it will support — there is no definitive list as of yet, but the project did note that the BIT team will handpick them in due time.

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