Crypto Trader
80 exchanges, 10.000+ algorithms, 120.000 users.

Cryptotrader (hyperlink naar CT website) was the world’s first algorithmic trading marketplace for crypto assets and serves more than 120.000 users. Cryptotrader is a leading global provider of cloud-based fully automated trading bots, supporting over 80 exchanges including all major ones, and offer is a marketplace where algorithmic bots can be created, rented, bought, and sold. Traders and developers can build their own strategies and perform customized backtesting to
ensure they get the best performance for their portfolio.

1 DeFi interface, 9 partner integrations, max yield farming.

XChained is a crypto trading platform that allows users users instant cryptocurrency trading. Users deposit an accepted token such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or BIT (BIT) and start trading in minutes.
Liquidity and crypto coverage for XChained is provided by the world’s largest exchange, Binance (30 percent of all crypto volume at time of writing), covering 1.544 markets.

1 DeFi interface, 9 partner integrations, max yield farming.

Noded is a dedicated DeFi App, free to use, offering the highest possible yield available whilst having full insurance over your funds.
With an extremely easy to use interface, it offers an ‘anyone can use it’ entry to the complex world of DeFi, enjoying the benefits that only a secure and extensive back-end can offer. As an alternative to the low
interest rates of most countries in the world, it serves as a trusted place with higher interest rates than your bank and the same level of security.


Blockchain Investments &Co
A digital asset portfolio management

Blockchain Investments & Co. (hyperlink) is a thesis-driven global asset management firm dedicated to the active management of blockchain and digital asset based portfolios. They create and implement actively
managed and algorithmically enabled portfolios for private investors, family offices and institutions.