BIT – Known as Blockchain Investment Token, is an ERC-20 token issued by Blockchain Investments & Co. and it will maintain a total issuance volume of 100 million. The primary goal of BIT is to create benefits for the BIT holders by giving discounts and perks on our partner networks. The use-cases of this token are: – Rewarding holders by giving discounts and perks on our partner networks.

– Fee discount on your Blockchain Investments portfolio –

Fee rewards paid to holders of BIT on the XChained platform – Discount on fees on the XChained platform – Fee discount on Cryptotrader – Exclusive access to Algorithmic Trading Bots NFT’s

In addition to the NFT bots, BIT also offers a lot of benefits on the following platforms:


XChained is a crypto trading platform that offers users instant cryptocurrency trading. Users deposit an accepted token — such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or BIT (BIT) and start trading in minutes. Liquidity and crypto coverage for XChained is provided by Binance.
Blockchain Investments: Blockchain Investments & Co. is a thesis-driven global asset management firm dedicated to the active management of blockchain and digital asset based portfolios. We create and implement actively managed and algorithmically optimized portfolios for private investors, family offices and institutions.


Cryptotrader is the world’s first algorithmic trading marketplace for crypto assets and serves more than 120 thousand registered users. Cryptotrader is a leading global provider of fully automated trading bots in the cloud, supporting all major exchanges and offers a marketplace where algorithmic strategies can be created, rented, bought and sold. Developers can build their own strategies and users are able to perform customized backtesting to ensure they get the best performance for their portfolio.


Noded is a dedicated DeFi App, free to use, offering the highest possible yield available whilst having full insurance over your funds. With an extremely easy to use interface, it offers an ‘anyone can use it’ entry to the complex world of DeFi, enjoying the benefits that only a secure and extensive
back-end can offer. As an alternative to the low interest rates of most countries in the world, it serves as a trusted place with higher interest rates than your bank and the same level of security.

The presale is started! The presale ends 14th of February.

Public sale
The Public sale starts the 26th of February on Copperlaunch.com

Copper is the most open, transparent, and user-friendly way to participate in a Token Launch

NFT bots X BIT

The only way to make a NFT Bot (algorithm) is with BIT token. You can also buy a algorithmic bot with other currency’s like a Bitcoin (BTC) Etherium (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) or Blockchain Investments Token (BIT)

Xchained X BIT

XChained uses a native token, BIT, that when locked in the platform grants users benefits such as discounts on fees accumulated on trades and the opportunity to receive a portion of the transaction fees associated with BIT, paid out on the platform. BIT, when present in a portfolio, grants users benefits such as discounts on fees and early access to new and upcoming investment opportunities.

Cryptotrader X BIT

Bots, otherwise known as trading algorithms, are the most powerful scripts of the planet when it comes to trading. And nowhere is trading more relevant than in the volatile markets of crypto assets. Owning the right bot makes you a master of markets as they are computational gold in the right hands. Bit tokens o~ers the opportunity for discounts as well as accessible staking opportunities. With Bit you can also monetize your algorithms by creating Algorithmic Trading Bot NFT’s and trade them through the marketplace.

Noded X BIT

Noded offers the best APP in a ‘search- for-yield’ world. High yields and complete security. With the BIT token, you can enjoy even higher yields and get access to special opportunities, only accessible to BIT holders. With BIT, it becomes easy to outperform the market. The combination of BIT and Noded means you don’t just have a alternative to your savings account: you have a better one.

Uniswap, Xchained Exchange and another tier 1 exchange coming up!

– 10,000,000 Team
– 15,000,000 Marketing and operations
– 20,000,000 Staking
– 37,500,000 Exchange / Fair Launch liquidity
– 5,000,000 Charity
– 12,500,000 Presale (Start December)

* Monthly charity donation in fiat based on the monthly volume of BIT
* Charities will be handpicked by the BIT team.
* Token price: 0,45 euro 

* Open for current investors and friends of Blockchain Investments & Co.

* Unsold tokens will be removed from supply via a token burn

Blockchain Investments & Co. is partnered with:


NFT Bots enable anyone to create and own algorithmic trading bots, optimized for crypto assets. In an ultimate ‘democratization of algorithms’, it is used as a monetization of real fundamental value for anyone interested in trading crypto assets and potentially outperforming the market.

The NFT Bots can be purchased on the existing Cryptotrader platform, the world’s first crypto algorithm platform. The platform has been in existence since 2013 and has 10.000+ algorithms stored in the database, created by ​developers worldwide. Over 5 million backtests have been made since inception by active users.

NFT Bots combines the existing expertise and thoroughly tested code of algorithms with the unique capabilities of NFT’s. The creation of NFT Bots is fully supported by Blockchain Investments & Co. , a leading crypto asset management firm based in The Netherlands and collaborator of NASDAQ Global Exchange.